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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Zope2 or Zope3 this is the question

As usual I was looking here and there on the Internet for new stuff, either new in general or new to me.

Currently I am using Python on daily bases in my job and I am always trying to expand my knowledge about the Python language itself and its related frameworks. One of the very famous web related Python framework is Zope.

Currently they maintain two major versions 2 and 3 and I was looking on their site which one is better to use and I found the following resources:
Briefly they recommend to use Zope3 for new projects which does not really need all the features available in Zope2 but still need to have a stable and robust Python based Web Applications development environment. If developers need to have it all then they have to develop their application based on Zope2 with an eye on developments happening in Zope3 for later migration.

For all who are interested about knowing more about Zope you can read more about it here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

REST over SOAP ??? - Raising the same old question

 As I am wandering allover the internet pursuing news about technologies and new ideas, I have found this article on InfoQ raising the same concerns on the same topic I've talked about in a previous blog entry. Have fun reading both :-).

Saturday, December 13, 2008

New book about Apache OFBiz from PACKT Publishing

PACKT Publishing has published a new book about Apache Open For Business (Apache OFBiz). The book "Apache OFBiz Development: The Beginner's Tutorial" is targeting newcomers to Apache OFBiz who need to start developing with Apache OFBiz as soon as possible. Additionally the authors provide tips and tricks and they go through some deep details of how to tweak Apache OFBiz for better performance. Here are more details about the book cited from PACKT Publishing book's site:

Written by two leading OFBiz consultants, this hands-on tutorial guides newcomers through the basics of Apache Open For Business, walking them through the creation and customization of real-world business applications.

Apache OFBiz (Open For Business) is versatile open-source enterprise automation software that powers many small and medium sized businesses around the world. It incorporates a number of mature applications such as ERP, e-Commerce, MRP and CRM.

Built around an MVC framework with common logic, data model and process components, Ofbiz allows existing and bespoke applications to be added through a component-based architecture. Ofbiz includes a mature suite of enterprise applications that integrate and automate a company's many business needs.

This easy-to-read book will quickly enable newcomers to get hands-on with OFBiz. It provides an overview of the main modules and employs illustrated examples that show readers how to build exemplary business applications rapidly. Covering the main aspects of the Model-View-Controller framework, the reader will gain a working knowledge of Widgets, Entities, and The Service Engine. The authors also describe how to tweak OFBiz, and offer valuable performance and development tips. By navigating through the flow of OFBiz and providing insight into the thousands of examples that already exist in the core code they have made this book a must-have for anyone looking to get started with OFBiz.


This is an accessible step-by-step tutorial that introduces readers to the world of OFBiz through practical examples and clear explanations. It will guide you through the framework, teach you to tweak OFBiz and master widgets, entities, and permissions, and give you the knowledge to customize your own bespoke applications.

Who this book is written for

This book is for developers who want to build easily deployed and supported OFBiz applications. No previous knowledge of OFBiz is assumed, but readers should be comfortable in a Java development environment.

It is a pleasure of mine to review such book and I will write other blog entries to record my review comments and findings later.
That's not all dear readers, PACKT Publishing has provided me a free chapter for my dear blog readers .